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Can You Feel The Force?
Beat The Bush
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   Can You Feel the Force?
  The Real Thing
   Take Time
  Rhythm Heritage
   Dancing Into the Stars (Extended version)
   Love Game
  Pure Energy
   Fast Freddie the Roller Disco King
  The Imperials
  Dyin' To Be Dancin'
   The Music Got Me
   Keep On Jumpin'
  D Train
   'Till You Take My Love
  Harvey Mason
   Morning Come
  Suzanne Kraft
  Running Back
   Hot Summer Nights (Medlar Dub edit)
  Love Club
  West End
   Everybody's a Jungle Brother
  Jungle Brothers v Roy Ayers
   So You Wanna Be A Star (Deadly Sins edit)
  Giant Cuts
   The Big Guns
   Back Of The Yards
  System Status
  People Must Jam
   House For Sale
  Ponty Mython
  Better Listen
   Heat You Up (Melt You Down)(Medlar Extended mix)
  Shirley Lites
  West End
   Into The Groove(Shep Pettibone/Latin Rascals Edit)
   Dance Sucker
  Set The Tone
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