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Under The Covers
Beat The Bush

   What's Going On?
  Harvey Mason
   I'm In You
  Bob James
  Tappan Zee
   Family Affair
  Gwen Guthrie
   Be My Baby
  Fonzi Thornton
   A Day In The Life
  Wes Montgomerey
   Get Out My Life Woman
  Solomon Burke
  Street Beat
   Theme From S.W.A.T.
  Rhythm Heritage
   Spring High
  Ramsey Lewis
   Take Me To Mardis Gras
  Bob James
   Give Me Your Love
  Sister Soul
   Soul Flower
  Brand New Heavies // The Pharcyde
  Acid Jazz
   Your Dick Signature
  Hot Groovy Edits
   You'll Be Mine (Just Because)(Dolce Gusto Edit)
  Instant Funk
  Giant Cuts
   For Taki 183
  Sativa Edits
   Take Me Writer
  Hot Groovy Edits
   You & I (Me & You Edit)
  Giant Cuts
   Shout Out (Instrumental)
  The Pinch
   If you Want My Lovin'
  Evelyn King
  A Vision of Panorama
   Waiting For The Sax
  Dicky Trisco & Love Drop
  Dead Horse
   All U Got To Do Is Listen
  Moods & Grooves
   Night Time Is The Right Time
   Run Dat Shit
   At Night
   Disco To Disco
  Whirlpool Productions
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