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Beat The Bush
hiphop // funk // house // disco // boogie

Do you feel like Studio 54 kind of had the right idea, but was tacky in its execution and a bit too celebrity-obsessed? Do you think that the songs played at The Paradise Garage and The Loft were great, but the mixing wasn't up to much? Do you ever wish Ron Hardy had lived longer so you could go to the Music Box? Do you think Walter Gibbons and Tee Scott don't get the love they should? Does it annoy you when people call Donna Summer the "Queen of Disco" when you know fine well it's Loleatta Holloway? Us too. BEAT the BUSH is a party that celebrates the connections between the best black dance music, from the lush strings and rich arrangements of 1970s Philadelphia and New York to the lo-fi synthetic jams that bridged the gap to the electronic funk in Chicago that gave birth to house music. We love the stuff that gets slept on in the cyclical disco revivals. The stuff that promotes the idea that the club always was, is, and should be a place where all kinds of people come together to forget their worries and give themselves up to the communal fun, on the one. Block parties and basements, not ballrooms and big yachts (*we will totally DJ on your yacht). www.facebook.com/beatthatbush/ www.instagram.com/beat.the.bush/

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Leaping Mixes!
01/03/2020 // Leaping Mixes!

Today will be a show of two mixes. One from Beat the Bush and one from our friend Drew Blood of Stone Generals who has taken a hip hop holiday to put a funk mix together for your listening pleasures. Very mixy.

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