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100% Chicago
Beat Beneath
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   Milk Cow Blues
  Kokomo Arnold
   Hear Me Talking To You
  Ma Rainey
   Big Noise From Winnetka
  Gene Krupa Orchestra
  Common Sense
   Death Before Dishonor
   Touch The Sky
  Kanye West // Lupe Fiasco
  Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam
   excerpt from Tender Feeling Night Sky 2
  Lillerne Tapes
  Laurie Spiegel
  Unseen Worlds
   500 Backward Glances
  Endo Kame
  Lillerne Tapes
   Missing You
  Larry Heard
   Your Love
  Eric Bell
   Gutter Flex
  Amir Alexander
  Africans With Mainframes
   US Studio
  Gene Hunt // Ron Hardy
  Rush Hour
  Tevo Howard
  Beautiful Granville
   Smack Session
  Hakim Murphy
   Slam Dance
  Mr Fingers
   House Energy
  Chip E
  DJ International
   Destruction (Fatal Mix)
  Mike Dearborn
  DJAX Upbeats
   Fall Down
  Chicago Skyway
  Machining Dreams
   Bonus Traxx
   Midi Beats
  Gherkin Jerks
  Gherkin Records
   Balls Of Steel
  Beau Wanzer
  Long Island Electrical Systems
   How Wet Is Ur Box
  Hieroglyphic Being
  Planet Mu
   Cosmic Dust
  Hieroglyphic Being
   Eat My Fuck
  Ike Release
  Mos Deep
   Phuture Jacks
   Computer Madness
  Steve Poindexter
   Strobe Lights
  Nite Life
  Cajmere // Walter Philips
   Jack Your Body (Burger Industries Ambient Mix)
  Steve 'Silk' Hurley
  DJ International
   Bring Down The Walls
  Robert Owens
  Marshall Jefferson
   No Way Back (Instrumental)
   Outer Limits (Trance Mixx)
  Mike Dearborn
  DJAX Upbeats
  Robert Armani
  Dance Mania
   House O Matic
  DJ Deeon
  Dance Mania
   A Blunt
  DJ Slugo
  Dance Mania
   Feel My MF Bass
  Paul Johnson
  Dance Mania
   Off Freakmode
  DJ Deeon
  Dance Mania
   Wouldn't You Like To Be A Hoe Too
  DJ Slugo
  Dance Mania
   Deep Vibe
  Jammin Gerald
  Dance Mania
   Forever Forward (Robert Armani Remix)
  Human Race Nation
  DJ Deeon
   Every Day Of My Life
  DJ Rashad
   Feelin' You
  DJ Spinn
  Juke Trax
   Itz Crack
  Planet Mu
   Havoc Devastation
  RP Boo
  Planet Mu
   Know U Wanna
  Dance Mania
   What You Need
  DJ Spinn // DJ Manny
  Lit City Trax
   She A Go
  DJ Rashad // DJ Spinn // Taso
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