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  Black Sabbath
  Rick Wakeman
   Loch Ness Monster
  King Horror
   Werewolf (Loose in London)
   Grave In The Desert
  Sebastian Peabody
   Goat Worship
   Satan Takes A Holiday
  Anton La Vey
   Please Mr Gravedigger
  David Bowie
   Christ, When I Leave This Life
   I Am Living Death
  Jack Lucifer
   Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)
  Riz Ortolani
  Lucertola Media
  Ruth White
   Satan Is Real
  Louvin Brothers
   Goddess of Death
  St John Green
  Flick Disc
   Zombie Hunger
  St Vitus
   Tanz Der Vampire
  The Vampires of Dartmoor
  Finders Keepers
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