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Based On A True Story
hiphop // electro // intelligentpop // alternativerock // rocknroll

Based On A True story is joyful hour of music and entertainment. Tobi and Bicola, the two presenters will thrill and baffle the audience with their chaotic banter and eclectic music taste. Previous highlights include excessive punning, weekly de-closeting, fact of the week and a Christmas karaoke sing-along. These fine purveyors of audio-hugs and audio-highfives create a warm and unpredictable radio environment as they elude conversational convention and continue to assimilate the unsuspecting public into the BOATS family.

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Lies, Self-Love and Lapins
24/10/2008 // Unnamed Episode

Another triumphant week for boats, as we punmp out tunes by Metric, Dangerdoom, Tilly and the wall and Stepehen Malkmus. We disucss a rabbit bloodbath, the necessity of lies and wishing to be friends with yourself. With a series of renaissances and the hugging of ones own tangerines this is undoubtedly the best episode of boats ever.

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