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Baba Ghanoush
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   Jump Into The Fire
  Harry Nilsson
   Ass Computer
  Bob Log III
  Fat Possum
   La Folie
  The Stranglers
   Sad Eyed Lady (Clean Cover)
  Sex Hands
  Giant Hell
   Night Goat
  The Melvins
  Amphetamine Reptile
   Voodoo Ray
  A Guy Called Gerald
   Peaches En Regalia
  Frank Zappa
   Right Back Where We Started from
  Maxine Nightingale
   They Live
  White Label
   Devil in Us
  Armellodie Records
   Oho My Eyes
  Ivor Cutler
   Track 3
  Septic Jags
  Cath Records
  Night School
   Best Friend
  Plastic Animals
  Song By Toad
   Oregon Dreaming
  Eat Skull
  Stiltbreeze Records
   Dreams come true
  Daryl Hall & John Oates
   Something On Your Mind
  Karen Dalton
  Light In The attic
   Girls gone Wil
  queer'd science
  Giant Hell
   Mounds Of Love
  The Downs
  White Label
   What Doesn't Kill Me(Only Puts Me In A Coma)
  Bad Apes
  White Label
  Ewan Simpson
  Dirty Beard Monthly
  Atlas Sound
   Tell Her No
  The Zombies
   My Own Indian Cemetery
  Antique Pony
  you dont masturbate
  Winning Sperm Party
  Joanna Gruesome
  White Label
   I'll do Anything But Break Dance For You Darling
  Daniel Johnston
  Eternal Yip Eye Music
   Nanny In Manhattan
  Che Trading
   All The Young Dudes
  David Bowie
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