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The Haughey Affair
At The Edge
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   Heart's On Fire
  John Cafferty
  Scotti Bros
An introduction, where we're joined by sometime MiddleMusic scribe and sometime music maker Drew Haughey, our guest for this week
   Church Of No Return
  Christian Death
   Dirt Off Your Shoulder
   Almost Gone
  Eszter Balint
We discuss, err... Drew's mum. Sorry, Mrs Haughey!
  Drop Nineteens
   You're The Best
  Joe Esposito
Drew reels off encyclopaedic knowledge of Father Ted episodes to introduce the next track...
   Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix)
  Cutty Ranks
  Suburban Base
   The Rare Ould Times
  Flogging Molly
   Car Song
  R M Hubbert // Aidan Moffat
  Chemikal Underground
   My Way
  Sid Vicious
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