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In which we discover an Islamic State Cat Twitter
At The Edge
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We let the tail end of Eric's Clash track play us in...
  Sharon Van Etten
Phil finally gets to recapture his youth with Gorillaz...
   Clint Eastwood
Roisin shockingly tears, unfairly, into the Alpha and Omega - Ainsley Harriott.
   Roaring Boys pt II
  Stiff Little Fingers
  Abstract Sounds
A bizarre discovery pertaining to Vice interviewing the Islamic State; and a really good and useful and insightful listen to their trailer. It was good and useful and insightful.
   The Ocean
  Linnea Olsson
IS cats.
   Bled White
  Elliott Smith
   Funeral of Queen Mary
  Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange OST
  Warner Bros.
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