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Jazz That May or May Not Sound Like Massive Attack
At The Edge
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   The Warrior
  Scandal // Patty Smyth
   Oh Bondage Up Yours!
  X-ray Spex
We try again to introduce the show, after failing the first time. It doesn't go well. Next time...
   Agatha Chang
  E Works
   Best Song Ever
  One Direction
What would you expect the least on this show? A discussion about the merits of One Direction, of course.
   First Part: Adoration of The Earth: Introduction
  The Bad Plus
  Sony Masterworks
   All Through a Life
  Rites of Spring
  Jennifer Hartman
   American Interior
  Gruff Rhys
   Drunken Butterfly
  Sonic Youth
We wish a happy birthday to Kim Gordon, who most definitely won't be listening
   Grease Box
   Mile End
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