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Blue Steel In The Hour of Patter
At The Edge
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   Love Buzz
  Sub Pop
In the space of about three minutes we manage to offend any Foo Fighters and Motley Crue fans who were listening.
   The Wind That Cried The World
  The Phantom Band
  Chemikal Underground
   Rat Finks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls
  White Zombie
90s cartoons nudge their way into conversation, as Mikey proclaims his love for King Of The Hill
   Here's Where The Story Ends
  The Sundays
  Rough Trade
  Heavens to Betsy
  Kill Rock Stars
   Negative Creep
  Velvet Revolver
International modelling sensation Phil Wilson debuts his latest pose, the 'one hand on knee raised on chair' or something to that effect
   Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know
   Play Dead
  One Little Indian
   I Hear The Rain
  Violent Femmes
   Step To My Girl
  Souls of Mischief
  Hiero Imperium
   The Green Fields of France
  Jake Burns
   About A Girl
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