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Dangerous Relations... AM YO DADDEH.
At The Edge
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   Secret Agent Man
  Sandy Nelson
Mikey returns, and we issue an appeal for anyone with a spare shotgun in the west end of Glasgow
   Une annee sans lumiere
  Arcade Fire
  Rough Trade
   Hate Music
  Owl John
After briefly losing ourselves to new music, we decide to launch ourselves into a film from seven years ago
   Hurdy Gurdy Man
   Sunshine Superman
  Husker Du
Have you heard the Glasgow subway driver who sounds like Jello Biafra? A thing of wonder
   Joe Lies (When He Cries)
  Bouncing Souls
  Better Youth Organization
  Black Math Horseman
  Tee Pee
   Too Hot
  The Specials
  Two Tone
   Unsolved Child Murder
  The Auteurs
"My name's Clay... and I'm yo daddy"
   All You Need Is Hate
  The Delgados
  Chemikal Underground
  Don Giovanni
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