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At The Edge
comedy // pop // variedmusic // glasgow // talk

Perpetually leaning on the precipice of chaos, the At The Edge team enter into the studio semi-regularly with the aim of educating, informing and entertaining on a range of topics, most notably music, film and television. Born of MiddleMusic.net and its irreverent, broad reaching look at the world of music - veering dangerously from punk to pop, from rap to reggae - amongst playing ACTUAL MUSIC there will be ACTUAL DISCUSSION, with a touch of comedy - that's a promise, not a threat...

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In which we travel through time and space
03/02/2014 // Time and Space Travel By Way of Fart Gun

We have our first ham-fisted attempt at pre-recording a show, as our humble hosts will be in Edinburgh for Manipulate Festival during their usual radio slot. More of the usual shenanigans though, including music and a fart gun...

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