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Tell Dem Already
Argonaut Sounds
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   Rub A Dub
  King Stitt
  Jamaican Gold
   Another weekend
  Freddie McKay
   Concrete flow
  Twinkle Brothers
  twinkle records
   Iron sharpeneth iron
   Tell Dem Already
  Busy Signal
  Truck Back
   Time And Wisdom
  Warrior King
  Truck Back
   Original Dancehall
  Tarrus Riley
  Truck Back
   Peace & Unity
  Da Professor
  Don Corleon
  Deja Vu
   Fire Corner
  King Stitt
  Studio One
   Dance Beat
  King Stitt
  Studio One
   Dip them jah jah
   Their reward
  Prince Allah
   Ten thousand lions
  Prince Hammer
   Give Me The Vibes
  Riddim Tuffa // El Fata
  Tuffa Dubs
   Low The Guns
  J Boog
  Ranch Entertainment
   Just Another Girl
  Shaggy // Tarrus Riley
  Ranch Entertainment
   Something For Mama
   Hustlin Affi Gwaan
  Fantan Mojah
   Skanking & Rocking
  Da Professor // Protoje
  Don Corleon
   Just Reality
  Shabba Ranks
  Vine Yard
   Can't take no more
   No complain
  Half Pint
   100% (The Highest)
   Deh Pon Mi Mind
  Shabba Ranks
  Jim Nastic
  Studio One
   Living In Glory
  Tony Anthony
   I've got to let him know
  S & G
   Never in this world
  Tyrone Evans
   Long Long time
  Winston Heywood
  Black Ark
   Inside Out
   Gwaan Plant
  Chuck Fenda
   I'm Leaving
  Lutan Fyah
  Red Earth
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