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Mi Believe - Summer Holiday
Argonaut Sounds
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   You Must Believe Me
  Eric Donaldson
   Water Shortage
  Jah Thomas
  Midnight Rock
   Afica world wide
   Be Careful
  Matthew McAnuff
  Inna De Yard
   Mountain Top
  Gappy Ranks
   Step it out of babylon
  Palmers Brothers
   Music In Soul
  John John
   Spen Shell
  John John
   Two Bad Bull
  Anthony Red Rose // King Kong
  King Everell
   good old days
  John John
   Never go where the pagons go
  Warrior King
  Colli Bud
   One Day
  Tony Rebel
   How better ah go come
  Junior Kelly
   New World Order
  Cutty Ranks
  African Beat
   Show Me Who
  Buju Banton
  Michael Palmer
   Line Up
  Johnny Osbourne
   Strong musician
  Micheal Buckley
   Board Box
  Early B
  Love Injection
   Original Sound
  Conroy Smith
   Fist to fist
  Kojak and Lisa
  Joe Gibbs
   Here I stand
  Bitty McLean
   Dancehall Style
   Someone Loves You
  10Roosevelt Avenue
   Body Lasher
  Daddy Freddy
  Harry J
   Precious Gift
   Bam Bam
   Cease Fire
  Chuck Fenda
   Left them to time
  Burro Banton
  Maximum Sound
   DJ Unity
  Tony Rebel // Macka B
   Pretty Looks Done
  Major Mackarel
   Take A Lick
  Banana Man
   What A Gathering
  Mike Brooks
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