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Reggae 2012
Argonaut Sounds
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   Jamaica 50
  Captain Sinbad
  Pull Up My Selecta
   Can't Take No More
  King General
  Weedy G Soundforce
  Naptali // Ras Muhamad
   Mr Musicman
  Joseph Cotton
   Don't Give A Damn
  Rebellion the Recaller
   Run Weh
  Busy Signal
   Smoking The Highes
  Onton // Voicemail
   Fire Fire
  Dynasty & Twelve 9
   Good Times
  Kali Blaxx
  Dynamiq & River Nile
   Inna The Mix
   Peace and Love
  Jah Nyne // Ras Ijah
   Give Praises
  Anthony B
  Di Genius
   Tiad A Da Supm Ya
  Queen Ifrica
   Food Fi The Plate
  Romain Virgo
   No Barbershop
   Nuh Ramp Wid Mi Food
  Chuck Fenda
  Fat Eyes
   Too Much Nine Night
  Lutan Fyah
   Lyric Millionear
  Skarra Mucci
  Broken Silence
   Can Change This
  Chuck Fenda
   More Spiritual
  Million Stylez
  Green Lion
   Nuh Jus A Come
  Digital B
   It's Getting Ruff
  Chiney K
   Me No Know
  Solo Banton
   Maddest Ting
  Gappy Ranks
  Hot Coffee
   Nuh Care Bout Youths
  Lutan Fyah
  Digital B
   Weh De Reggae Deh
  Cocoa Tea
   Only Jah Knows
  Fire Axe
   Kutchie Cup
  White Label
   Rub A Dub Man
  Denham Smith
   Jah Will Provide
  Macka B
   Cos I'm Black
  Nerious Joseph
  Real Talk
   Jah Army
   Rising Sun
  Solo Banton
  Dub Squad
   Want It Want It
  Chuck Fenda
   No No No No No
  Warrior King
  Silent Mode
   Police and Bad Boy
  Randy Valentine
  Straight Sound
   Come Shock Out
  Busy Signal
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