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The Return of the Mighty Argonaut Sounds
Argonaut Sounds
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   Argonaut Sounds Dubplate
  Kenny Knotts
  Argonaut Sounds
   Love is Stronger
  Ras Charmer
   Be Careful
  Matthew McAnuff
  Inna De Yard
   Night and Day
  The Maytals
   How Better A Go Come
  Junior Kelly
   Board Box
  Early B
  Love Injection
   Come A Me
  Clement Irie
  Father & Son
  Carl Meeks
  Redman International
   Big Belly Man
  Admiral Bailey
   Weh Dem Fah
  Carl Meeks
  Redman International
   In the area (what a la la)
  Johnny Osbourne
   Rougher Dan Dem
  Ray I
  Crystal Records
   Undercover Lover
  Josey Wales
   Another Dance
  Bunny Wailer
   Don't Play the fool
  Freddie McGregor
   The prophet rides again
  Dennis Brown
   Try a thing
  White Mice
   Pick a sound
  Sellah Collins
  Big Eyed Beans
  Boot Camp
   No Cigarette
  Mr Williamz
  Necessary Mayhem
   Gideon Road
  Prince Malachi
   Cry for me
  Da Ville
  Joe Fraser
   All kinda people
  Sugar Minott
  Black Roots
   Golden Hen
  Tenor Saw
  Up Tempo
   Give Her Wey She Want
   Hold Yuh
  White Label
   Unknown number
  Busy Signal
   Party Time
  Leroy Sibbles
  Irie Ites
   Jah Love Holding Firm
  Glen Washington
  Irie Ites
   Party Time Riddim
  Mafia & Fluxy
  Irie Ites
   Sweet Jamaica
  Natty King // Spectacular
  Irie Ites
   Sanctify Yourself
  Lutan Fyah
  Maximum Sound
   Afrucan Liberation
  Maximum Sound
   Fight for money
  Johnny Clarke
   Sweet Jamaica
  Tony Rebel
  Digital B
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