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Flash Up Unu Lighta
Argonaut Sounds
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   Nuh Ramp
  Lion D // Skarra Mucci
   Where The Rub A Dub Live
  Captain Sinbad
  Maximum Sound
   Wheat And Tears
  Exco Levi
  Larger Than Life
   Bless My Soul
  Larger Than Life
   Never Walk Alone
  Bobby Hustle
  Larger Than Life
   Solve Them
  Blue Steel
   Can't Hold Me Down
  G Star
  Blue Steel
  Christopher Martin
   One Little Draw
  Chuck Fenda
   My God & King
  Jah Mason
  Reggae Fever
   Weed Flex
  High Grade
  Reggae Fever
   One Chalice Load
  Anthony B
  Reggae Fever
   Give Thanks And Praise
  Lutan Fyah
  Reggae Fever
  Stone Love
   After The Storm
   Slave Master
  Scratchylus // Ras Marlon
  Inna De Yard
   Faya Pon Dem
  Jah Solid Rock
   Never Say Never
   Down Inna Di Ghetto
  Argonaut Sounds Productions
   Mr Promoter
  MC Tenja
  White Label
   Jungle Society
   Flash Up Unu Lighta
  Mr Vegas // Natel // Major Mackarel
  Maximum Soundbwoy Killers
   Can't Get Me Out
  Burro Banton
  Maximum Soundbwoy Killers
   Tie Him Up
  Major Mackarel
  Maximum Soundbwoy Killers
   Weh Dem Fah
  Lion D // Gappy Ranks
   Level The Vibes
  Half Pint
   Dancehall Posse
  Conroy Smith
   The Gun
  Roger More
   Come Falla Me
  Clement Irie
  Digital B
   Dollars A Do It
  Little Twitch
  I Wind
   Wheeling Don
  Wendy Culture
  Steely & Clevie
   DJ Dey Ya
  Ugly Man
  music master
   Tell Them
  Courtney Melody
   Six Month Break
  Peter Metro
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