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Pumpkin Belly
Argonaut Sounds
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   Pumpkin Belly
  Gappy Ranks
   Kingston 12 Tuffy
  The Morwells
  Morwell Esq
   What A great day
  Lacksley Castell
   What a great day dub
  Lacksley Castell
   In The City
  Mike Brooks
  Coptic Lion
   Get No Concentration
  Barry Brown
   Youth Man
  Wayne Jarrett
  Lloyd Hemmings
  Solid Roots
   Disco Devil
  lee perry
   Natty Dread in Greenwich Farm
  Cornell Campbell
   Give Me A Chance
  Pauline Morgan // The Consummates
  Pressure Sounds
   Meet Me At The Corner
  Dennis Brown
   Give It To Him
  The Viceroys
  Pressure Sounds
  The Gladiators
  Black Art
   Quick Pon the Draw
  MC Vins
  Argonaut Sounds
   Collie Weed
  Barrington Levy
  Jah Guidance
   Dance Rock
  Bunny Wailer
  Anthony Johnson
  Midnight Rock
   Pretty Little Cottage
  The Heptones
  Vista Sounds
   Bring the cuchy come
  Niney The Observer
   By his deeds
   Sound Killer
  Stone Love
   Throw Me Corn
  Josey Wales
   Hog In A Minty
  Nitty Gritty
   No Sound Like We
  Johnny Osbourne
  Reggie Stepper // Super Beagle
  Admiral Bailey
   Killing Fi Done
  Admiral Bailey
   Pretty Looks Done
  Major Mackarel
   Stinkin' Rich
  Gappy Ranks
  White Label
   Children A Pree We
  Tarrus Riley
   Government Gone Luuu
  Busy Signal
   Train to skaville
  The Ethiopians
   Love Overdue
  Gregory Isaacs
  African Museum
   What they gonna do
  Diamond Rush Promotion International
  Nitty Gritty
   Good Old Days
   Free Jah Jah Children
  Sugar Minott
   Time Getting Harder
  Mikey Jarrett
  Razor Sound
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