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Argonaut Sounds
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   Green medicine
  Ziggi Recado
   Lost mi lover
  Yellow Man
   Rub a dub Soldier
  Kymani // Protoje // Da Professa
  Don Corleon
   Tell them already
  Busy Signal
  Truck Back
   Original Dancehall
  Tarrus Riley
  Truck Back
   Keep strong
  Turbulence // Jah Mali
  Special Delivery
   For my people
  Natty King
  Special Delivery
   Good over Evil
  Special Delivery
   Need to know
  Special Delivery
   Government live fi war
  Lyricson // Natty King // Singing Melody
  Special Delivery
   Heads Up
  Junior Kelly
   Bag a herbs
  Lutan Fyah
  Truck Back
  Ranch Entertainment
   Wicked Man
  Busy Signal
   You got the ting
  Da Ville
  JA Productions
   Yah so nice
  Potential kid
   Whine Up
   Haffi fly out
  Daddy lizzard
   On the road
  Don Corleon
   Mash Down Babylon
  Jackie Mittoo
  Basic Replay
   Jah Jah New Garden
  Lopez Walker
  Phase One
   Jah said the time has now come
  Hugh Mundell
   Long long time
  Winston Heywood
   Bluebirds flying over
  The Silvertones
  Treasure Isle
   Mother's tender care
  The Ethiopians
  Treasure Isle
   Only a smile
  The Paragons
  Treasure Isle
  Prince Malachi
   I shall be released
  The Heptones
  Black Art
   Studio Man
  Love Joys
   Ten Thousand Lions
  Prince Hammer
  Hitrun Records
   Know Myself
  Junior Reid
   At the feast
  The Congos
  Blood & Fire
   Ghetto Living
  The Mighty Diamonds
  White Label
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