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Rasta Got Soul
Argonaut Sounds
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   Jah Works
  Terror Fabulous
  Fat Eyes
   Palaving Spree
  Ranking Toyan
   Cleanse your mind
   Give thanks and praises
  General Degree
   Blow your Balloon
  Bobby Ellis // Deadly Headly
   Dreadlocks postman
  Wayne Jarret
  Jah Life
   Rockers time now
  Johnny Clarke
   Ten thousand lions
  Prince Hammer
  Belva sound
   Rasta Got Soul
  Fantah Mojah
  Warriors Musick
   Cleanse My Soul
  John John
  Spiritual // Alborosie
   Time get harder
  Mikey Jarrett
  Razor Sound
   Gather Round
  Ras Fraser jr
   Nuclear bangarang
  Devon Clarke
  Barry U
   The ruler
  High Plains Drifter
  Live and love
   No complain
  Half Pint
   Metric System
  Peter Metro
   Lots of Signs
  Tenor Saw
  Blue Mountain
   On The Right Track
  Shantha Roberts
  Argonaut Sounds
   Rat a cut bottle
  Lion Youth
  Pressure Sounds
  The Abyssinians
   There's got to be a change
   Fire pon a deadas
  Sizzla // Kim Davis
   Customer Care
  Romaine Virgo
   Puff it
  Chris Martin
   Blood A Go Run
   Be Wise
  Anthony B // Lukie D
  Maximum Sound
   Hide & Duck
  Anthony B
   Turn Me On
  Sean Paul
   Rat Race
   Agony & Pain
  White Label
   Peace Reign
  Busy Signal
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.