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Something's Gotta Give
Argonaut Sounds
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   Midnight Movie
  Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
  Joe Gibbs
   I've got a joy
  Fred Locks
   Little green apple
  Everton Blender
   Thanks & Praise
  Gappy Ranks
  White Label
   Pumpkin Belly
  Gappy Ranks
   Love Is The Answer
   Something's Gotta Give
  2 Hard
   After Pride Comes Shame
  Queen Omega
  White Label
   Tell them again
  El Fata
  Tuffa Dubs
   They don't really care about us (rmx)
  Michael Jackson
  White Label
   Born To Die
  Maikal X
  Rocking Vibes
   Ganja Yard
  Jah Solid Rock
   No peace
  The meditatations
  Black Art
   No peace dub
  Black Art
   Sufferers Time
  The Heptones
  Black Art
   Sufferers Heights
  Jah Lion
  Black Art
   Bird in hand
  Sam Carty
  Black Art
   Girly Girly
   Cyaa Stop It
  Future Fambo
   Dis We Yet
   Taking You Home
  Romain Virgo
   Pretenders Paradise
  Tony Rebel
   Comfort Zone
  Busy Signal
   Fattie Boom Boom
  Ranking Dread
   Love and Unity
  Michael Prophet
   We run things
  Nitty Gritty
  Shelly Thunder
  music master
   Take Control
  Don Corleon
   Poor People Land
  Vybz Kartel
  Don Corleon
   Jah Love
  Don Corleon
   Rasta Livity
  Anthony B
   We Can Make It Work
  Lutan Fyah
   Earth Foundation
  Daddy Shark
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