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Argonaut Sounds
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   Fire Down Below
  Johnny Osbourne
  Sonic Sounds
   Mr Vincent
  Black Crucial
   Precious Gift
   Never go where there pagans go
  Warrior King
  Cal Bud
   Everything Crash
  Lutan Fyah
   Walk away from love
  Bitty McLean
   The Well Run Dry
  Alton Ellis
  Studio One
   No More Will I Rome
  Sammy Dread
  Joe Gibbs
   I'll Be Waiting
  Alton Ellis
   Lawless Society
  Wailing Souls
  Well Charged
   Your Face Is Familiar
  Hugh Mundell
  Mun Rock Universal
   Stormy Weathers
  Jah Marnyah
  Roots Garden
   The Yanki Dollar and the Queens Pound
  Junior Kelly
   Breakfast In Bed
  Shantha Roberts // Argonaut Sounds
  White Label
   Ride Your Donkey
  The Tennors
   Come Back
  Lukie D
  Maximum Sound
   High Grade Forever
  Tony Curtis
  Maximum Sound
   Ganja pipe fe burn
  Tippa Lee
   Born and grow yuh
  Carl Meeks
   Punny Printer
  Pan Head
   Crucial Time
   Black King
  Jah Mason // Lutan Fyah
  Elfiego Barker
  Gregory Isaacs // Tiger
   Good Old Days
   Old Time days
  Prince Jazzbo
   Love is not a gamble
  The Techniques
  The Revolutionaries
  Midnight Riders
   Rocking Dolly
  Cocoa Tea
   Step it out of babylon
  Palmers Brothers
   Bad Boy
  Linval Thompson // Warrior King
  Thompson Sound
   Sow More Love
  Irie Ites
   So Many Problems
  Fantah Mojah
  Irie Ites
   One Life
  Irie Ites
   Worried Man
  The Paragons
  Treasure Isle
   Tear Drops
  Freddie McKay
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