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Argonaut Sounds
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   Run Way Mr Tickle
  General Degree
   Yu Mus Be Fool
  Ricky General
   Fire De Gal
  Starkey Banton
  Blacka Shine
  Midnight Rock
   Touch Me No More
  Tanya Stephens
   Music Fraternity
  Tony Rebel
   Jah A Guide Mi
  Little Twitch
   Coca Cola Shape
  Colin Fat
   Mud Up
  Super Cat
  Wild Apache
   Praise Jah
  Junior Cat
  Baby G
   Style & Fashion
  Papa San
  Black Scorpio
   A Wha Do Dem So
  Super Cat // Tiger
  Wild Apache
   On The Rock
  Yard Vybz
   Boom Wha Dis
  Burro Banton
  Wild Apache
   Them No Care
  Super Cat
  Wild Apache
   Dis A Di Medley
  Admiral Bailey
   Gimme It All
  Lukie D // Lt. Stitchie
   Nuff Niceness
  The Jays
   Bam Bam
  Sister Nancy
   Woman Is A Trouble
  Admiral Tibet
  Barrington Levy
  Grade One
   Political Friction
  Half Pint
  Feel The Beat
   Sitting In The Park
  Junior Reid
   Bring The Sensi Come
  Johnny Osbourne
  Midnight Rock
   Upon The Level
  Sugar Minott
  Midnight Rock
   Come Home Dub
  Jah Thomas // Roots Radics
  Midnight Rock
   Peace And Love (In The Ghetto)
  Tristan Palma
  Clock Tower
   Come Again
  Cocoa Tea
   Leave People Business
  Admiral Tibet
   Gunman Lyrics
  Cutty Ranks
   Tidal Wave
  Frankie Paul
   Nowadays Girl
  Super Black
   Dip And Fall Back
  Justin Hinds
  Jack Ruby's
   Dreadlocks In Moonlight
   Cottage In Negril
  Tyrone Taylor
  Back 2 Back Klassiks
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