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Argonaut Sounds
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  Cutty Ranks
  Ras Zacharri
  Shem Ha Boreh
   You no more than me
  Chris Martin
   Soulja girl
  we the best
   My heart is hers
   Mash dem down
   Education is the key
  Warrior King
   Earth a run red
  Richie Spice
   That's why
   In Jamaica
  John John
   Ghetto Revolution
   Operation Radication
  Yellow Man
  Joe Frasier
   Never give up
  Horace Andy
  Razor Sound
   Learn to drive
  Lone Ranger
   Cell Block 11
  The Revolutionaries
   Fig Tree
  Bunny Wailer
   Music in my soul
  John John
   Can't stop now
  Jovi Rockwell // Mr Vegas
   love mi fi mi
  Skarra Mucci // Kiprich
   Real and clean
  I Wayne
   Freelance lover
  Johnny Osbourne
   Buss my own
  Weedy G Soundforce
   dem bow
  Shabba Ranks
  Blue Mountain
   True friend
  buss a shot
   This feeling
  Pad Anthony
   Better jamaica
   She no want to settle down
  Lutan Fyah
   My Sound
  Skarra Mucci
  Weedy G Soundforce
   The Border
  Gregory Isaacs
  African Museum
   The Border
  Gregory Isaacs // U Brown
   Tell them already
  Busy Signal
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