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Satta Massagana
Argonaut Sounds
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   Puff Away
  Fire Ball
   Good Vibes
  Fire Ball
  Naptali // Arofat
   Familiar Stranger
  Sara Lugo
   Cricket Lovely Cricket
  Jah Thomas
   Cricket Lovely Cricket
  Dillinger // Trinity
  Burning Sounds
   Forward on to Zion
  The Abyssinians
   Don't fight it
  The Wailing Souls
  Studio One
   Battering Down Sentence
  Bunny Wailer
  Nerious Joseph
  Reggae Wave
   Jah Rules
  Jah Marnyah
  Reggae Wave
   Jah Will Be There
  wayne lyrics
  Reggae Wave
   I Man A Forward
  Jigsy King // Tony Curtis
Interview with Bernard Collins from the Abyssinians
   This Land is for Everyone
  The Abyssinians
   Can't Come In
  The Congos
  Blood and fire
   Never Gonna Give Jah Up
  Sugar Minott
   Out of Order
  Argonaut Sounds
   Got It Going
  John John
   Let Me Love You
  John John
   No Watch Man
  Louie Culture
  John John
   Tell them Again
  Riddim Tuffa // El Fata
  Tuffa Dubs
   Dizzy (herb smoker)
  Mikey Dread
  DEP International
   Lost Mi Lover
  Yellow Man
   Look before you leap
  Rod Taylor
   Let me love you
  Dennis Brown
  Joe Gibbs
   She Gone
  Music Mecka
   No Man A No Stone
  Music Mecka
   Juk and Jam up
  Garnett Silk
   The Pill
  Junior X
   Jah Alone
  Fantah Mojah
  Flava Squad
   If i were you
  The Royals
   Dread in a Babylon
  Big Youth
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