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Run Mi Out
Argonaut Sounds
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  Fragga Ranks
  Raw Moon
   High Grade
  Black Blunt // Tippa Irie
  Lock Down
  Tippa Irie // G Vibes
  Lock Down
   Promise Land
  Peter Spense
  Lock Down
   Wicked tings a gwan
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Daddy Scotty
  Scotch Bonnet
   World News
  Mungo's Hi Fi // YT
  Scotch Bonnet
   Computer Age
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Mr Williams
  Scotch Bonnet
Stevie (Bass Warrior) Selecting:
   Heavy Manners
  Prince Far I
   Whip that tarantula
  I Jah Man Levi
   Magnetic Enforcer
  The Twinkle Brothers
   Kunta Kinte
  The Revolutionaires
  Channel One
   The Power
  Al Campbell
   Catch the place a fire
  Reggae Central
   Promised land
  Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley // Nas // Dennis Brown
  Rude Bwoy
   Melodica fire
  Basque Dub Foundation
   Born For A Purpose
  Dr Alimantado
   Fire Fire
  Dynasty & Twelve 9
   Run Mi Out
  Dynasty & Twelve 9
   I Feel So Good
  Collie Buddz
  Dynasty & Twelve 9
El Fata recorded live in session at Argonaut Sounds (17/02/12)
   Gun Shot A fire
  Warriors Musick
   Protect my Life
  Busy Signal
  Warriors Musick
Stevie (Bass Warrior) selecting:
   Jah is calling
  Alpha and Omega
  White Label
   Play fool fi get wise and dub
  Johnnie Clarke
   Want no wickedness
  Danny Vibes
  Jah Tubbys
   Oh Jah Dub
  Dubateers // Charlie P
  Conscious Sounds
   Jungle Jungle
  Iration Steppa's
  Tandoori Space
   Cant lef me roots
  Alpha and Omega
  White Label
   Hail jah and dub
  Sufferah's Choice
   Eternal Version
  A and O
   Kumbia dub
  Jah Shaka
  Jah Shaka
   Higher and dub versions
  Christine Miller
  Conscious Sounds
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