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Argonaut Sounds
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  Everton Blender
   Freedom Street
  Ken Boothe
   Hot Number
  Charlie Ace // GG Allstars
   I'm Just A Guy
  Alton Ellis // Phyllis Dillon
   Sting Like A Bee
  Prince Buster
  Blue Beat
   You Don't Care
  The Techniques
  Treasure Isle
   Anything You Want
  Al Pancho
  Lustre Kings
   We Try
  Norrisman // Ras Attitude
  Lustre Kings
   Cross Me Heart
  Junior X
   Nah Matter What The Crisis
  Lutan Fyah // Midnight
   Take me to a rub a dub session
  Johnny Osbourne
  Midnight Rock
   Running Back to me
  Johnny Clarke
  Total Satisfaction
   Almighty God
  General Degree
  Maximum Sound
  Prince Malachi
   Run Down The World
  Nitty Gritty
   Do The Thing
  General Echo
   Roll Call
  Tenor Saw
   Throw Down Your Arms
  Everton Blender
   Promised Land
  Dennis Brown
  Striker Lee
   Drink Drink
  Johnny Osbourne
   Unity is Strength
  Charlie Chaplin // Don Carlos
   Lonely Soldier
  Gregory Isaacs
  African Museum
   Lonely Lover
  Michael Black
   Tell Lie Pon Rasta
  Fantah Mojah
  Maximum Sound
   Bullet Clown
  Maximum Sound
   Jah Will Never Leave Us
  Natural Black
   Free Up The Knowledge
  Jah Mason
  Corner Shop
  Irie Ites
  Lutan Fyah
  Irie Ites
   Soul Rebel
  Cornell Campbell
  Striker Lee
   Thinking About You
   Fire Burn
  Love Injection
   Hot Milk
  Jackie Mittoo
  Studio One
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