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Summer Soon Come...
Argonaut Sounds
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   Come Touch Me
  Leroy Sibbles // Stamma Ranks
   Sweet Jamaica
  Mr Vegas
  Mr Vegas
   Barber Saloon
  Mikey Dread
  Black & White
   Pass the kouchie
  Mighty Diamonds // Yellow Man // Mr Williamz
  Necessary Mayhem
   Tommy Ranks
  Mr Williamz
  Necessary Mayhem
  John Holt
   Dem a fight
  Barry Brown
  Joe Gibbs
   We'll get over it
  Lloyd Parks
  Maximum Sound
   By Jah Will
  Maximum Sound
   World Wide Rebellion
  Tarrus Riley // Captain Sinbad
  Maximum Sound
   Jah Will Be There
  wayne lyrics
  Reggae Wave
   Meck It Dash
  Anthony B
  Reggae Wave
   Don't touch the President
  Bunny Wailer
  White Label
   Peace Treaty Special
  Jacob Miller
  Top Ranking
   Hang on Sloopy
   Life is not easy
  The Meditations
  Dennis Walks
   Jah Jah me no born yah
  Cornell Campbell
   Lonely Girl
  Gregory Isaacs
   Peer Pressure
  Tarrus Riley
  John John
   World's Inna Trouble
  John John
   Rebuke Dem
  Fire Ball
   Hail Him
  Khari Kill
  Studio 53
   Good Cop
   She Deh Deh
  Chuck Fenda
  Own Mission
   Thanks & Praise
  Gappy Ranks
   Stolen Family
  Takana Zion
   Hungry Society
   Something's Gotta Give
  2 Hard
   Mister Babylon
  Little John
   A beer and a girl
  Marcia Griffiths
   Dry Your Tears
  Winston Francis // Prince Fatty
   Talk Til She Hoarse
  Major Worries
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