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A Problem Shared
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Welcome to the Subcity Radio agony aunt suite. We're here to listen, we're here to share and we're here to help! Listening to all your little problems that you're worried no one else cares about with some sprinkling of songs to get gassed when there's currently nothing to get gassed about.

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   22:00 - 23:00
   Sat, 24/04/2021
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Risky flatmates and non-stop zoom dates
27/02/2021 // Risky flatmates and non-stop zoom dates

We're back with a whole load of new advice! We're really getting into our stride now, so it is the perfect time to get listening! Featuring a live studio audience (our flatmates) and a carefully curated Lover's Rock backing track, we are confident in saying that this show is our best yet!!

Again, if you guys have any problems that need solving give us a shout over at @hettieralph on insta, and we'll see you next month xxx

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