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Anwuli Sound: from the motherland.
dance // afrobeat // highlife // bailefunk // afrohouse

Anwuli sound: from the motherland, will aim to broadcast music that has connections or roots in Africa or the African diaspora.Taking you on this journey will be Ola Fresca, who will uncover some of the artists that have been pivotal in the progression of music in the motherland or the diaspora. With Africa being such a vast continent and the reach of the diaspora being global, the hope is to bring awareness of the influence of Africa and its music to popular culture.

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   13:00 - 14:00
   Sun, 01/03/2020
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Let's Just Dance Pt2: Electric Boogaloo
19/01/2020 // Let'sJustDancePt2:ElectricBoogaloo(Refresha!)

Remember how I was meant to be djing a few days ago but didn’t? Well never fear! If you tune in at 1pm today at @subcityradio , and close your eyes, you can like me imagine that you’re in the club! What better way to get ready for next Saturday? Tune in pls I get lonely x

Anwuli Sound 1st Birthday Party - 25.01.20 2300-0300 Stereo £5 OTD all night baby!

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