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Animal Hospital Monthly Check-up
techno // house // electronica // minimal // innovative

Follow Gabriel Kemp, Thomas Durham and God's own prototype, Jason Richardson on a quest to unearth the choicest cuts of mouth-watering techno, minimal and house. Discover the artists and labels pushing the boundaries and decibels, not to mention our buttons. Get up to date with what's going on in sticky-floored bass chambers all around. Hear Jason battle the English language. Walk away unscathed, hopefully. [Animal Hospital, second Thursday each month at Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh]

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...guys...how long have I been asleep?
11/04/2012 // End Hiatus

Sometimes life inundates us with needless and petty distractions (work, education, responsibilities, rent) which steer our attention away from the things that are really important (quality internet radio programming).

After two cold and transmission-less months for the Checkup team we are back with a bang, broadcasting from our new favourite hangout, Gabriel's living room (If you prefer the intimate feel of headphones, that whirring in the background is the washing machine).

All the tracks which have tickled our fancy over the past few weeks, coaxed together in a rowdy huddle punctuated by our oft-questionable opinions and interjections, an overview of the coming month's club highlights and a cracking midway moment with Jase and Tommy.


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