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Words and Music.
Angry Beards Presents...
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   Reet Petite
  Jackie Wilson
   Do You Love Me
  The Contours
   Great Balls Of Fire
  Jerry Lee Lewis
   Shake Your Tailfeather
  Ray Charles
   The Clapping Song
  Shirley Ellis
   Tightrope (feat. Big Boi)
  Janelle Monae
  Bad Boy Entertainment/Wondaland
   Hit The Road Jack
  Ray Charles
  His Master's Voice
   Splish Splash
  Bobby Darin
   Please Mr postman
  The Marvelettes
  The Chordettes
   Lament 1, Bird's Lament
  Moondog/DJ Yoda
  Unthugged Classics
   Why Can't This Be Love?
  Dee Edwards
  Ember Records
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