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Edinburgh Fringe
Angry Beards Presents...
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   Good Evening Cocksuckers / Do You Like Jokes?
  Nick Helm
  White Label
   Street Carp
David Callaghan at the BBC New Act Competition 2012
   Me & Shakira
  David O'Doherty
  White Label
   A Modern Way of Letting Go
   Kurt Warner, Thank God
  Glenn Wool
  Stand Up!
A moment of haiku poetry...
   Travel is Dangerous
Johnny F Monotone at the Chortle Student Awards Final
   Men With Beards (What Are They Hiding?)
  Kunt and the Gang
  Disco Minge
Paul Kelly - Every Fucking City
   Suicide Uma Schrantz
  Rhymesayers Entertainment
  King Creosote
Chris Coltrane - 40 Days for Life
Wouter Meijs at The Stand
   The Man With The Mandolino
  Dean Martin
  DJ Shadow
Mary Bourke - Mumsnet
   First song WOMAD 2011
  Adam Page
  White Label
   15 Reasons
  Nick Helm
  White Label
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