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All Night Discoparty
riotgrrrl // synthpop // discohouse // italo // club

The inaccurately named "All Night Discoparty" plays an hour of dirty European disco music made by dirty European women and men circa 1970-80 mixed averagely by Italian born Suezzz and the Romanian Oban Al Kenobi.

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I posted a playlist, yusss.
On this week's show: I accidently hit one of the decks with my arm and so it stops somewhere around the 3rd song I think; and I played the last song at double speed by accident. Oh dear... However the playlist is alright go ccheck it out, maybe next week's mixing will be a little better, I'm going to find a stool to stand on because the decks are quite high up...

Also, come and see by band on Saturday at Nice n Sleazys. www.myspace.com/gashnaste. and I'm DJing at Bent Out Of Shape on Sunday at The Admiral, which is Lock Up Your Daughters Magazine vs. Bang Bang. It'll be excellent, Fangs are playing.

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