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Are you a vagabonde?
A Lady in the World
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   Ewnetegna Feqer
  Hirut Beqele & Police Orchestra
   Antchin Yagegnulet
  Tamrat Ferendji & Sensation band
   Aja Wondo
  Uppers International
  Analog Africa
   Waiting for my Baby
  De Frank Professionals
  Analog Africa
   God is Love
  Complex Sound
  Analog Africa
  Orchestre Poly Rhythmo
  Analog Africa
   03 Angelina (master)
  Star Band no 1 (master)
  Teranga Beat
   04 Vagabonde
  Star Band no 1 (master)
  Teranga Beat
   Mariama Yayou Salam
  Aw Sa Yone Vol 1
  Teranga Beat
   Ano Nagarus
  Group Inarene
  Sublime Frequencies
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