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Prepare for AKRO residents Cixous and BMBL, and perhaps the occasional guest, to provide you with perfectly crafted selections of techno, industrial, acid and minimal that are sure to leave you addicted and constantly coming back for more. The AKRO guarantee is to bring the best of underground warehouse techno straight to your earholes in places we assume are not warehouses or underground. Tune in Monthly on Thursdays between 9 and 11 to here the boys banging out tunes you'd normally only hear in basements at 3am.

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Before After Dark (or something...)
21/05/2015 // After Dark

Due to an unfortunate studio closure which took down the entire of Subcity's central nervous system for an unpleasant period, we've been off air for an inordinately long time but no harm, no foul: AKRO is back for your auditory pleasure once again.

Listen in at the strange and sensual time of 2300hrs* for some of Glasgow's most atmospheric and intense techno played by some guys who at least appear to know what they are doing. This is a special show in preparation for our long awaited (by nobody) appearance at the station's all-day, all-night extravaganza so listen in to know what to expect when you're chewing your face at Stereo on Sunday! We'll be taking the reigns from 2:40 to 4am so bring your finest fist-pump and prepare for techno.

Subcity All Day/After Dark https://www.facebook.com/events/396464050538004/

*(11pm for those not down with hip new fad of writing shit in military time)

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