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4 - Guestmix - Lucy Duncombe
The Akashic Record
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   Yaad Op. 66
  Alireza Mashayekhi
  Sub Rosa
   Oshikicho Choshi
  Kunaicho Gakubu
   Seven Seas
   Choral Works 1
  John Cage
  Le Pays des Chansons
   Kojo No Tsuki
  Koto Ensemble Of The Ikuta School
   A Varied Suite Margot, Janeton, Son d'Eau
  Landes de Gascogne, La Cornemuse; Alain Cadeillan
   Stojno Le Mori Stokole
  unknown (Macedonian Traditional Music)
   For Andrei Rublyov (excerpt)
  Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
   For Christine Jennings (excerpt)
  Terry Jennings
  Another Timbre
   Touch of Light
  Luie Luie
   Te Moko
  The Tahitian Choir
  Triloka Records
   Evening Service For The Conclusion Of The Sabbath
  unknown (Sacred Music Of Moroccan Jews)
  Rounder Select
  The Itamul of Papua Niugini
   Ndraje Balendro, Initiation Song
  Ongo Ensemble: Ndraje Balendro
  Smithsonian Folkways
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