The Akashic Record
experimental // minimal // international // vocal // earlymusic

Strange and beautiful music from the world tomorrow with Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher, Akashic Records). A reminder that the experimental can be popular, whilst great pop can be deeply strange, and anything made with soul, will move any soul that hears.

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   Thu, 04/01/2018
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2 - Frog Tropes and Pipe Dreams
07/12/2017 // 2 - Frog Tropes and Pipe Dreams

Episode 2 is the sister part to episode 1, but this time entirely instrumental. The first half of the show will focus on music made by blowing air through tubes, whilst the second half will be predominantly bowing, plucking, or striking strings. You'll hear the haunting sounds of 6 meter long Swiss mountain alphorns, a Chopin cover played on a out of tune zither and an Irish busker drumming his home made 'Mo Cara'- a 17-string instrument salvaged from a wooden door, a Space Echo Box and played with chop sticks and paint brushes.

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