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The Akashic Record
experimental // minimal // international // vocal // earlymusic

Strange and beautiful music from the world tomorrow with Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher, Akashic Records). A reminder that the experimental can be popular, whilst great pop can be deeply strange, and anything made with soul, will move any soul that hears.

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   13:00 - 14:00
   Thu, 29/10/2020
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20 - Seasonal Intervals
01/10/2020 // 20 - Seasonal Intervals

Orchestral / Minimal / Ye olde prog / Experimental / Fluxus

The Akashic Record returns for its 20th episode to mark the start of winter, a likely second lock down and certain mass unemployment. Broadcasting from the cloisters of a deserted Gothic university to an audience of locked-up, virus ridden freshers the atmosphere of suspenseful unease and impending doom permeates this hour of music. Contemporary orchestral composition by Cassandra Miller and Icelandic composer Hlynur AĆ°ils Vilmarsson meld into Black Metal minimalism of Ain Soph. European folk / prog by Antonius Rex and Universe Zereo plus Akashic Records own Wojciech Rusin. A mix for wallowing in the times.

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