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The Akashic Record
experimental // minimal // international // vocal // earlymusic

Strange and beautiful music from the world tomorrow with Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher, Akashic Records). A reminder that the experimental can be popular, whilst great pop can be deeply strange, and anything made with soul, will move any soul that hears.

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21 - NOW That's What I Call Christmas 1424
24/12/2020 // 21 - NOW That's What I Call Christmas 1424

Carol / Choral / Hymns / Folk /

A selection of carols, hymns and coral music from the 7th to 20th century. Christmas Carols from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Ireland, Sweden, and England. A Greek lullaby, a 7th century Gaelic poem from Iona re-interpreted as modern psalm singing. A Robert Burns poem, Contemporary church organ improvisation and two 20th century choral compositions by the master sacred dissonance - John Tavener.

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