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Afro Dancehall
dancehall // worldmusic // rnb // afrobeats // djtornado

DJ Tornado, originally from Gambia, has been DJing around Glasgow. In this show, Afrodancehall, he is excited to present Nigerian and Jamaican music, and African beats from all over the world. DJ Tornado also works at the Unity Centre. The Unity Centre offers solidarity and support to refugees and migrants in the city. He'll share information about Unity and host guests from the centre from time to time. They'll speak together about their experience as migrants in Glasgow.

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   15:00 - 16:00
   Tue, 02/04/2019
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5th Show with DJ Tornado
17/04/2018 // 5th Show with DJ Tornado

DJ Tornado is back with more tunes from West Africa and the Carribean. Hope u enjoy!

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