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A Drop of Scotch
gaelic // traditional // scottish // celtic // klezmer

Are you bored of the generic 'Celtic' music played whenever Scotland is mentioned in a documentary? Do you wonder whether Traditional Scottish music is even a 'thing' nowadays? Well, look no further! Far from gathering dust, the Trad scene in Scotland is going from strength to strength. Musicians are finding innovative ways to adapt and mould music of past generations to create something fresh and inspired for today's listeners. If you are already immersed in the Trad scene, why not make Celtic Connections last a while longer? There'll be something for every taste. So won't you join me for A Drop of Scotch and celebrate the vibrant music this beautiful country has to offer?

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   11:00 - 13:00
   Wed, 22/04/2020
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Klezmer music and thank you Phil!
11/03/2020 // Klezmer music w/ Phil Alexander of Moishe's Bagel

Thank you so much to Dr Phil Alexander for coming along to tell us all about Klezmer music and his band Moishe's Bagel. When the show finished, I realised that I didn't sign off and thank him on air but don't worry I did thank him in person! You may have noticed the technical glitch which I hopefully styled out. (I hadn't pressed the on button!)

The next episode will be on the 25th and because it's near the end of term, I'll be playing lots of songs about going home and just generally having a break from everything! See you then!

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