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A Drop of Scotch
folk // gaelic // scottish // celtic // klezmer

Are you wondering whether Traditional Scottish music is even a 'thing' nowadays? Well, look no further! Far from gathering dust, the Trad scene in Scotland is going from strength to strength. Musicians are finding innovative ways to adapt and mould music of past generations to create something fresh and inspired for today's listeners. There'll be something for every taste. So won't you join me for A Drop of Scotch and celebrate the vibrant music this country has to offer?

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   11:00 - 12:00
   Wed, 27/01/2021
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Winter episode today!
02/12/2020 // Winter (or "Warm yourself by this roaring candle")

Happy Advent everyone! I've done an extra long, extra wintry episode for you all. Good luck to everyone doing exams and essays (I'm wishing myself luck if anything!) and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

p.s.the show title was inspired by the Goon Show episode 'The Treasure of Loch Lomond'

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