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8-Bit Nights
chiptune // retro // 8bit // chipstep // chipshit

Glasgow's only 8-bit party Bringing you live sets from the finest chip acts from Glasgow & beyond.

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8-Bit Nights @ The Roxy 171
25/04/2013 // 8-Bit Nights @ The Roxy 171

On Friday 12th April the 8-Bit Nights bandwagon rolled into the Roxy 171 on Great Western Road for the first time.

With this being our last event until after summer we realised it'd been nearly a year since a 8-BIt Nights purely focussing on local 8-bit/chip musician. With that in mind we invited old friends Bubu / King Kytan and h3xal1te back and also gave a debut to the amazing Chasing Bleeps based in Ayr.

The night was amazingly compared (as always) by Theremin Hero

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