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12th Isle Transmissions
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   Vive L'immensite
  Mpala Garoo
   Little Sunflower
  Dorothy Ashby
  Art Webb
   More Creation
  Lennie Hibbert
  Studio One
   Ten Commandments
  Prince Far I
   Kambo Dub Station
  Kambo Super Sound
  Sex Tags Amfibia
   Down The Drain
  Al Campbell
  Duke Reid
   What You Won't Do For Love
  Otis Gayle
  Junior Delgado
   Walk With Love
  Todd Henry
  Truths & Rights
   Give Me Loving
  Albert Malawi
   Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
   Fly With Me
   Ole (Moritz Von Oswald Mix)
  Tony Allen
  Honest Jon’s
  Prins Thomas
  Full Pup
   Why Don't You Answer?
  Eberhard Schoener
   Ils Disent Que L' Orient Est Rouge
  Les Aeroplanes
   You Don't Belong Here
  Jori Hulkkonen
  F Communications
   Suttees Comet
  In Sync + Pluto
   Jungle House
  Tropical Moon
  Big Beat
   Mystery Chant
  Jeff & Jane Hudson
  Dark Entries
   Help Me
  Jeff & Jane Hudson
  Dark Entries
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