Subcity team

Sept 2016

Tech team
They fix stuff that breaks. Or hoard it away, broken, useless, in their cupboard/cavern. They are the only team with a cupboard, so there’s that. And they like to carry big amplifiers about the place. All really hench. Except Ross. And Patrick. And Cameron. And Ollie who is really tall. And Andrew (who is the most, but hardly impressively, hench).

Events team
Our Events Team enjoy nothing more than sitting around in the pub brainstorming myriad ideas for parties which logistically could never happen, before settling on something doable. Other team members will loath their online presence every few months, hassling people to post on Facebook, hand out flyers and stick up posters.

Design Team
They make pretty things a few days after the deadline before Ross and Marcus redesign it anyway. But they’re good craic until they leave because their creative dreams have been so often crushed by middle management.

Programmes Team
They like to get out their tree about music genres that probably don’t exist. Sometimes enthusiastic, they will be the ones to tell you your show isn’t cool enough or lick your bottom if they think it is.

If you’re reading this is got a lot to do with the web team. They probably live in a damp basement and have webbed feet. They did spin this website though so I guess that makes up for their lack of social skills.

Photo/Video Team
They actually bothered to learn about how the cool expensive camera their parents bought them works, so they can take fun photos in clubs and make it look like a busier, crazier party than it inevitably was. Have you seen a Subcity video recently? Me neither.


Somehow terrible in team communication. Typically promote their own shows or their pals shows using phrases with ‘pleasure’ in them that will make you feel a bit sick.

No word of a lie, their weekly meetings consist of daytime studio drinking and at least two packets of oreos as they do karaoke to Justin Timberlake. In their free time they are world class radio producers but.

Live Music and Features
The only people in Subcity who haven’t yet realised that it’s uncool to listen to music with guitars in it. We’re still not sure why we indulge them in this weird habit, but it’s cute to watch. They also just wanted to be on the events team (and would be better at it) but they never will do that live music event they’ve been talking about for a year because their friend’s band is fed up of playing for them for free. The sessions are good though.