Bar Soba

Bar soba (Byres Road) does a 2 main meals for 1 deal for students, available all day from Monday to Thursday and until 5pm on Friday alongside £2 midweek mixers. This is all.

Fuck pizza hut - an alternative to pizza in glasgow

Paesano is by far the best pizza in Glasgow. Situated on Miller Street in town and now on Great Western Road beside the uni campus (!!). It's so good you only need to pay 6 quid for the margarita and it will taste a thousand times better than any shite meat deluxe you've ordered from Domino's. Next up, Little Italy on Byres Road is the best Italian cafe with amazing pizza and authentic Italian radio, go for the 16 inch and choose any topping from the extensive list for a 10/10 pizza experience (also worth it for the pizza/rennaisance inspired artwork).

Dumpling Monkey and the Curry Pot cheap eats.

Dumpling Monkey will change your life. You can spend £5 on some bomb noodle soup which will seriously fill you up, or you can spend £20 on some dumplings, a steamed bun, caramel bubble tea, ma po tofu, and pak choi in garlic sauce with enough left over for the subway home (you’ll need it). The curry pot food is unreal plus it’s BYOB so bring a bottle of lambrini and impress your date. Both are situated on Dumbarton Road at the bottom on Byres Road.

Banana leaf

Banana leaf does UNREAL South Indian food for pretty much no money. It’s like sitting in someone’s kitchen. You might not get all the food you ordered but it’s so cheap that you may as well just order the whole menu. Also BYOB so you can buy cheap beers to eat with (and get judged for drinking them cause nobody really drinks in there). It’s on Old Dumbarton Road, just near BrewDog and Mother India.

Breakfast scran

I might be biased but Glasgow has possibly some of the best breakfast eats in the world. Nobody forgets the magic experienced tasting their first lorne sausage, but the city has a lot of variety to offer.
Best cafes (mainly Scottish fare):

  • University Cafe (Byres Road)
  • Trans-Europe Cafe
  • ANYWHERE in Partick (shout out to Cafe Cullis’s Diner)
  • Cafezique
  • Bank St. Cafe
  • The Glad Cafe

And for something a little different:
  • Stravaigin
  • 13th Note

Glasgow burger town

The best burgers in Glasgow for price and quality are found at BRGR (Great Western Rd). I don’t care what anyone says, it’s true. They’re £4 Mon-Thu, and can be delivered via Deliveroo. Five Guys (City Centre) is also good, but it’s really expensive. On the other hand, it has one of those Coca-Cola Creation machines, so if you are the type of person that scoffs when asked if Pepsi is ok, maybe go there. You can also go to Ketchup (Ashton Lane) for some novelty ones.

So you want to buy some fruit and veg

It’s official: 100% of Erasmus students hate the vegetables in the UK. Bland, flavourless, and expensive, finding decent food can be an uphill struggle. Plus, most of the veg comes from Spain, who hate us. If you’re looking for some tomatoes that actually taste of something, consider visiting the Polish supermarket in Partick. It’s cheap, and has the best vegetables in all of Glasgow. It is also next to a very nice bar called Cafe Rio, which does excellent food.

The Glasgow Uni Food Coop (located in a cupboard under the stairs on the ground floor of the QMU) is a great place for locally produced fruit & veg & wholefoods at wholesale prices (think a kilo of dates for less than 80p). It also makes you feel really good about yourself because it’s not for profit and far more sustainable than the Big Evil Corporations™. They’re usually there on fortnightly Friday afternoons and have regular pot luck events - or you can catch them on their facebook group or website.

The difference between roasted and baked potatoes

Many newcomers to Glasgow often marvel at the immense variety of potato-based foods available to the regular consumer. This is due to the city’s Irish heritage (stfu we’re allowed to talk about it ok), and also the fact that they are excellent padding for a boozy night out. One of the questions most frequently asked by visitors is: ‘what is the difference between a baked and roasted potato?’. The answer is this: a big potato cooked in the oven for several hours is a baked potato, a medium potato cooked in the oven for 45-60 minutes is a roasted potato, and a small potato is not generally put in the oven. The reason for the difference in timing is that a big potato will take longer to cook than a medium sized one. There are many other intricate differences which are important to the connesoir, but we won't go into them here.

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream

Do you ever long for a simpler time, free from edgy coffee franchises and suspicious fried chicken chains? Get into that Chomskyist, anti-corporate kick by visiting one of the many small, family-owned businesses that operate over all corners of Glasgow! If you find a cute, hand-painted sign, adorned with the name of the cafe’s locality (Queen’s Cafe, University Cafe, Langside Cafe etc.) then you know that you’re in store for some homemade ice cream and greasy food. Classic and responsible hangover cure. A definite excuse to travel to the southside, and a more wholesome alternative to a sub crawl if you can travel to each one.


We still have no idea how to pronounce this, but Scherezade on Bank Street will provide for you, for the measly price of £2.49, enough baklava to give you the best tasting cardiac arrest you’ve ever dreamed of.

Uni Cafe

The Uni Café (Byre's Road) is the only time capsule in the world that doubles as the providers of the best egg & chips you’ll ever eat.

Denniston Bar-B-Que

Found on Duke Street, this is the tastiest barbeque ever serving burgers, BBQ-smoked meats, ribs and sides. If you miss school just go for the meal served on a tray


In Glaswegian ‘Piece’ means a sandwich. This place on Argyle Street has it down to an art. Worth the walk.


Great sandwich parlour on Argyle Street for all your toasted and untoasted sandwich needs. They have this dressing or sauce or mayo thing that is just heaven but I don’t even know what it is. They are sandwich shamen.

There is a vegan mafia NO YOU CAN'T JOIN IT

but you can eat in these delicious restraunts that makes Glasgow the self proclaimed vegan capital of the UK

  • The 78
  • Mono
  • The Flying Duck
  • Stereo
  • 13th Note


I have a friend who's vegetarian apart from Shawarma King. Its at the other side of town but on a sunny evening its the perfect end to a cycle or a walk along the river.