An interactive, AI generated guide to Freshers Week

This is the time when you might meet your partner for a few years, possibly date someone for the first time or find your for life.

You'll have a timetable of things to do and get involved with. They'll all be organised for you but you've got to make sure you go to them all. There's a compulsory social event on a Thursday called something like or something similar.

Speaking of , there'll be a compulsory one in the WMC. People go up, up and away. Remember to book your bus in advance, or you'll be stuck in the queue forever.

The student bar, of course, is a crucial time for freshers. If you have a bit of money left from your parent's bank account, you'll spend a lot of it on . Make s ure you're buying the most expensive one possible, as the cheapest will almost definitely be doped out.

The DJ here is usually the DJ you keep meeting in the bar and over social media. They're the people who all of your friends congregate in one spot to together to music they know they can't dance to.

Not your type? Don't try to get in with them anyway. It's common knowledge that they're into nothing but , so do what you feel you need to do.

My own warning comes in the form of the notorious 'ding squad', otherwise known as the overlords. The most maddening part of Freshers' Week is bumping into your sister in the toilets, finding your ex-girlfriend having the time of her life with your cousin at the bar, and seeing that same ex-girlfriend now with your best mate's first cousin.

Beware the ding squad, or face the wrath of these well-coiffed four-foots.

Your friends will be spread between the disco, the bar, the DJ and the club. This could be problematic if the bar is a smokey and loud space, while the disco is full of who refuse to move their arses from the bar.

The most important thing you should remember is to dance, dance, dance. That's right, don't play it safe and dance alone. Revel in the moment and don't worry about what others are doing – you have now entered Freshers' Week.

This text was generated from the Interfer Kit text AI which was given this article of the tab as reference

Audio coding was adapted by Luis Sibson from this piece by Lil Data, Zya, DizzyBanjo. Code available on Github here.

This code is interactive, meaning multiple users control the same audio generation across browsers. Everyone is hearing what you are :).