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Subcity With... Forefront

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Who are you? Neill Erskine - Subcity contributor, Forefront 1 man team leader

What's your show? Forefront

How long have you been a part of Subcity? Since roughly the start of 2k16

Favourite shows on Subcity? Been enjoying Loose Joints, Content Content, Night of the Jaguar, Beat Beneath (s/o TC and Simon!), Unearthly Matters, Self Service

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene? The variations in styles I think during a single party, pretty much regardless of the club/night - that's so important I feel for a successful night and its good to see it happening more often now. A few years ago, particularly in the 'bigger' clubs, you would only hear a specific type of music. There wasn't really much excitement in terms of new music. But now with so many parties in smaller venues popping up pretty much anything goes, which is a good reflection of the newer wave of dj's/promoters/producers coming out of Glesga. There's nothing more boring than going to a night in town where its just the same predictable tunes being played - love to see it being mixed up! It's also good to see these smaller club nights putting stuff on for the dunt, 100 - 150 people in the right place and the right night can prove to be some of the most successful and memorable ones!

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene? I'm not entirely sure what to change, I think for some people it can be hard to network in the scene - without platforms like Subcity it would be even harder, especially trying to make a name for yourself and your music. You probably need at least a few people to start and maintain a night to gain support from a promotion, networking and financial perspective - there's loads of healthy competition now so taking the right approach with the right aim is more important than ever. Just winging a night would be pretty solid! I've met loads of folk through Subcity from having guests on my show to other contributors and team members which is class. More of a mixed crowd in general would be decent as well! I was at that Optimo hing in august and have never been at an event with such a mixture of people who were there to see different acts, it's definitely refreshing tae see and you could tell everyone appreciated the effort gone in to organising an event of that scale. I was talking to a manger of a club in Glasgow who said the crowd there was unusual just now, going with the popularity of house/techno - I think people would like to see that change but I'm not sure that's something I would, you can't blame folk for wanting to go out and have a good time can u!

What song did you most recently Shazam? Frequency - Systematic Input although not sure where or when

One song you've got on repeat at the moment? Always loads! Loose Fingers - Lamentation, Kalani Bob & Remegal - Dreaming Of Brie and this unreleased Steve Spacek one that's kicking about youtube - Ring The Alarm - thanks to young Bleaker for sharing.

What's your rainy journey song? Drain Pipe - Monday Melodie

Anything exciting coming up? More Forefront shows with more guests and a night off the back of the show in the works as well - eyes peeled! https://www.facebook.com/neill.erskine?ref=bookmarks https://twitter.com/_NeillErskine



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