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Subcity with... Beat Beneath

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Who are you?

Simon Bryan - presenter on this station, general DJing and music enthusiast, part of the Missing Persons Club crew.

What's your show?

Beat Beneath

How long have you been a part of Subcity?

I've been involved in one way or another since I first moved to the city in 2005. In this time I've done all sorts from tech team member to assistant manager but the show's my main involvement these days.

Favourite shows on Subcity?

A few I've enjoyed lately or over the years are Rainbow Dome, OH141, Build And Destroy,Lezure, Heated Heads and loads more that I can't think of right now or need to get round to listening to. Shouts to the newer ones by some good folks/musical kindred spirits too including Vugge and Rigid Disco.

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene?

For a city that's not massive it's always seemed like there's something for most tastes if you look hard enough, and the combination of the more permanent residents and a lot of people always coming and going for things like the many educational establishments, jobs, the music and arts scenes and reasonable living costs which keeps things interesting. Also although there continues to be resistance from the more conservative minded in the scene, there's been real effort from a lot of hardworking people to strive to make things more inclusive, diverse and safe (latter not meant in the musical sense obviously!) and an acknowledgement of this need to help more people enjoy and get involved in what the city has to offer.

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene?

Aside from the wrong-side-of-history types I've referred to, I think at times it's quite a difficult place to find the opportunities to really pursue developing as a musician/DJ despite it being relatively easy to meet and support people and scenes with similar music tastes, ideas and ambitions. It's a flipside of it being a compact city with a limited amount of venues and punters for more niche things and a strong emphasis on partying/afters and close-knit networks. It's not an easy one to say how I'd change; places like Subcity and the increasing amount of workshops and so on springing up lately are good for connecting people and generally providing some alternative infrastructure & opportunities.

What song did you most recently Shazam?

Nile Delta - Aztec. I can't remember when or why, quite possibly from on a show on the station or elsewhere. I've become a lot more systematic about finding and remembering music these days cos my mind alone can't cope with the constant inundation but this still has its failings sometimes...

One song you've got on repeat at the moment?

"Life Source Negative" off the new Juniper record that's come out on Meandyou. Exactly the kind of moody off-kilter techno you'll know I always go for if you're a listener to the show. It nails that balance of a solid groove vs. lots of nice little switchups and clever structuring.

What's your rainy journey song?

Seltene Erden - Holidas Lake is a current one that seems to just make me feel that little bit more impervious to, or embracing of, the elements. It's a Kassem Mosse side project record that I picked up a while ago then forgot about, then heard one of my current favourite DJs Beatrice Dillon play it on her tape for Wichelroede. To be honest that whole tape's been on constant rotation for me since it came out for journeys in rain or sun, by train or bus or car or anything really...

Anything exciting coming up?

Missing Persons Club's has got a fast-rising Denmark-based DJ and all-round good person Anastasia Kristensen playing for us at La Cheetah on Friday 8th September which I'm pretty excited about. I'm on the warmup which I'm looking forward to as it's been a while since I last played in the venue, but far more importantly I'm sure Ana will play a blinder off the back of her recent gigs at events like Berlin Atonal!

Social media profile links: twitter.com/beatbeneath facebook.com/beatbeneath

https://i.imgur.com/23hhT7h.jpg Photo Credit: Dasha Miller


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