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Subcity with... chOOn!!

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Who are you?

mr. chOOn!! - Dundonian-born filmmaker, writer and part-time model for Freemans clubby catalogue with roots in East Prussia by way of Yemen.

What's your show?

My show is called chOOn!!

How long have you been a part of Subcity?

Since 2012.

Favourite shows on Subcity?

Past shows: The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart, They're Only Records Paul, 12th Isle Transmissions. Present shows: MUSIC, Please!, Narratives, Chust Sublime, GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show, Unearthly Matters, Self Service and many more…

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene?

I love Glasgow, it’s one of my favourite cities - it’s very romantic and beautiful and wild and has a crazy energy, all of which suits me perfectly. Of course there are great things happening in Glasgow and so much good music comes through here. However (and I don’t want to sound like too big of an arse, but), I have little interest in supporting ‘local’ talent. Although I have always boosted anything interesting that happened to take place in Glasgow, my view has always been International (or should I say Outernational). I will always support what I consider to be great art no matter where it comes from. I despise that whole parochial outlook, that whole ‘it’s happening on your own doorstep man’ bullshit. I feel no responsibility whatsoever to support or help foster anything locally or internationally or anywhere. I like good art/music, no matter where it comes from, but that’s the thing I love about the city – people are always looking out instead of in.

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene?

I read a quote that resonated with me from Keith McIvor of Optimo fame in a recent Guardian article discussing the wealth of amazing talent in the city, unconcernedly buried beneath its surface - “There is something in the Glasgow mentality. People aren’t good at promoting themselves, but it’d be nice if they were a tiny bit more ambitious. There’s nothing wrong with doing something amazing that reaches a lot of people. It’s not selling out.”

I echo these sentiments.

What song did you most recently Shazam?

Rewat Buddhinan - Mun Plak Dee Na – a gloriously warped 80’s Thai Funk track that just about stays on the right side of chOOnage. I posted a video for this one (sadly no longer available online) on the chOOnchOObe (my companion blog site) many years ago and I randomly heard it again recently in a mix by Booty Carrell – I knew I had it in my possession but I just couldn’t place the chOOn in my library – this kind of thing often happens to me – especially with foreign-language titles - I’ll often use Shazam as a last-ditch reminder tool as my memory is shot these days – thankfully it came up with the goods as it’s genuinely useless on many forms of rhythmic music and new age – everything is Bach’s 5th Concerto played by the Tibetan Organ Philharmonic.

One song you've got on repeat at the moment?

I rarely DJ live but this month I’m stepping out of the studio to play some chOOns in a brik-a-brak shop for the Edinburgh Art Festival – my recent radio shows have been largely low-key affairs but I’m obsessing over some of the more upbeat material for the live shows – Indonesian cassettes from Bimbo and Harry Roesli, anything and all from Francis Bebey, right now his ‘Baobab’ and ‘African Woman’ LP’s – an ultra rare Caribbean electro funk monster called ‘Funky Reggae’ by Acouyaman, Blind Senagalese percussionist, Paap Niang’s electronic soul stomper ‘Sama Waye’, Russian synthpop stars, Forum and 'Что сравнится с юностью' and many more....

What's your rainy journey song?

Lately - something from Stefan Fredin's LP ‘Tystlåtna Äventyr’ – somber Swedish synth and minimal vibes from 1982 – perfect soundtrack for a depressive tea-time Megabus to Humdrum.

Anything exciting coming up?

It’s been a great year for collaboration – following on from contributing to the outstanding Blowing up the Workshop series, I’ve been lucky enough to feature on Dublin Digital Radio, London’s NTS Radio, Melbourne’s Sanpo Disco and I’ll be sharing a couple of special mixes over the coming weeks for Ukraine’s Krossfingers and Sweden’s Wildlife Radio – flying the Outernational flag for Subcity, ha!

I’m also starting work on a compilation/reissue project with fellow Subcity contributor/alumni Fergus Clark – I can’t say too much right now as it’s in the very early stages but it involves the unreleased tape archive of a maverick percussionist and all-round Scottish oddball – a true one off – really excited for that one. I’m also working on a batch of Pakistani Edits that I hope to release on record with my Outernational gigolo buddy Booty Carrell. It follows on from my LollychOOn Volumes for Subcity – particularly volume 2, which showcases a series of insanely frenetic electronic-pop confections from the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Social media profile links https://soundcloud.com/radio-choon https://www.instagram.com/choon_subcity Listen at: https://subcity.org/shows/choon



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