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Subcity With... Self Service

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Who are you? I’m Sophie. I’m a DJ & radio show host, studying for my masters and working in a library too.

What's your show? My show is called Self Service.

How long have you been a part of Subcity? Since 2010.

Favourite shows on Subcity? Past shows: It’s a Trap, Test Card, Under Heavy Manners. Present shows: Narratives, Night of the Jaguar, Eve Was Framed.

Favourite thing about the Glasgow music scene? The unbelievable spectrum of sounds you can hear in one night. I’m always very overwhelmed when I am djing and see how willing the dancers are to be challenged musically, they are very happy to be pushed in various directions. I don’t think that happens everywhere, I love Glaswegians and their “I don’t give a fuck, I just wanna dance” attitude.

What one thing would you change about the Glasgow music scene? More femme/POC/LGBT+ DJs on line ups across the city, particularly in clubs that are in the position to make this happen. I’d like to see more women promoting too because I think in order for the line ups to become more diverse we need more women and POC putting the parties on too. Very pleased to see projects like Grassroots Glasgow providing a starting point for this. They’ve been introducing newcomers to the city and people who have lived here a long time to djing and the music scene here in general. Sarra and Cat (fellow Subcity radio hosts!!) have created a very supportive environment with their DJ workshops - so inspiring, big love to all involved!

What song did you most recently Shazam? I’ve never used Shazam but I often ask my friends for IDs when they are playing. I think the most recent ID I asked for was a Pepe Bradock remix that I purchased the next day and hasn’t left my record bag since.

One song you've got on repeat at the moment? I can’t think of one particular song but the Laps record on MIC has been getting a lot of my attention. Lo Kindre’s Plant Up 12” on Optimo is another record I listened to repeatedly when it came out. Oh and the new Happy Meals record, I looooove them. And they are all Glasgow based, wooo!

What's your rainy journey song? Usually something by Haruomi Hosono in an attempt to distract myself from the dreich weather.

Anything exciting coming up? Some close friends and I have launched a multidisciplinary project called Sssuperstudio. Our first party was with Ben UFO, Laps, Klaus, Ome Sa, Florist, Mellowdramatics & Junglehussy. We invited lots of different artists across the city and further to produce some work for a zine that doubled up as a ticket for the party. I’m looking forward to moving in weird and wonderful directions with that project! I’m also very excited to play Optimo 20 in August alongside some serious dreamboats (especially fellow Subcity presenter, Becky Marshall.) It’s the first show that my mum and dad are coming to see me play so I’m quite nervous, they are very discerning!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ssofay Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ssofayyy

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